Since 2005, Josué, Aaron, and Lester De León have been leading personalized birding tours across Guatemala - from its subtropical forests in Petén to its mountain forests in Atitlán. The De León brothers are enthusiastic teachers, masters in locating the most elusive bird species, and highly skilled in customizing tours for all levels, from casual to expert birders!


Guatemala Birding Adventures specializes in customizing birdwatching tours, in English or Spanish, for individuals and groups. Whether joining us for a tour lasting just a few hours or adventuring with us for an immersive tour traveling to multiple regions over days or even weeks time - our team takes pride in creating professional, organized, and unique experiences for all of our visitors. For both casual and avid birders, and everyone in between, we promise a thoughtful itinerary allowing you to enjoy the beauty of Guatemala and the many species of birds that call this incredible country their home. The De León Brothers and the rest of the Guatemala Birding Adventures team are looking forward to working with you to plan your tour!


Photographs in this section © Glenn Bartley
With over 750 bird species and at least 35 of those endemic to the Northern Central American region, Guatemala is a captivating destination for birding. The Horned Guan, Azure-rumped Tanager, and Goldman's Warbler, which can only be found in Guatemala and a small portion of Southern Mexico, attract avid birdwatchers from around the world. Other highlight birds endemic to the region, including the Pink-headed Warbler, Belted Flycatcher, and Ocellated Quail, are just as engaging, drawing the attention of everyone. While more common but beautiful species such as the three types of toucans found in Guatemala (Keel-billed Toucan, Emerald Toucanet, and the Collared Aracari), tanagers, trogons, and hummingbirds can be found in different regions of the country. From the most experienced birdwatcher who travels the world, to a first time birder, Guatemala has much to offer.


“Josué, Lester, and Aaron are passionate about birding AND about taking care of their clients. I’ve been part of a small group that included my somewhat interested 6 year old, and another time accompanied by a highly skilled birder. In both cases, the Guatemalan Birding Adventures’ team provided an amazing experience that had everyone asking to come back again. They are thoughtful, kind, and professional in all that they do. I couldn’t recommend them more.”

Spencer J, Michigan

“I had the privilege to bird twice with Guatemala Birding Adventures. The first time for 3 days in Los Tarrales and the second for a 9 day tour in the rain forest of Tikal and around Lake Atitlan. I have been birding for 60 years and I was immediately humbled by the pure skills that Josué possessed. Aaron also helped us, and these epic trips were a lot of fun for my wife and I (as well as very productive from a birding standpoint). I hope others get to experience the joy of birding with the brothers, and selfishly, I hope even more that I can return and revisit them soon.”

Jerry K, Florida

“Aaron has surpassed our every expectation as a birding guide. We originally hired him to do tours with our 14-year-old homeschooled son, and it turned into so much more than that. He is a great friend and mentor to our son, teaching him many tricks that helped him to rapidly improve his birding skills. Aaron has such a positive and energetic attitude and takes great joy in making new discoveries, not just about birds but about all aspects of the natural world, including butterflies, frogs and more. I can’t recommend him enough.”

Heather and Raul C, Ohio

“We have been to Guatemala 10 times with Josué as our tour guide, and our trips have exceeded our expectations. He is organized, attentive to detail, and concerned for our comfort, as well as our bird sighting “wish list.” His ability to not only spot birds in the densest cover, but to put a scope on them, never ceases to amaze. Josué is blessed to be attuned both to the sights and sounds around him and to the needs and pace of his guests. 5 stars!”

Robert and Stephanie B, New Jersey


Although the Guatemala Birding Adventures’ team are bird experts, they are also extremely passionate about their beautiful country of Guatemala and its dense forests, vibrant flowers, and diverse population of animals and insects. In addition to offering birding tours, you are invited to join Guatemala Birding Adventures on a unique nature tour that can be customized and scheduled in addition to or separate from your birding tour.