Josué, Aaron, and Lester De León grew up on the Los Tarrales Nature Reserve, one of Guatemala’s most visually captivating and biodiverse areas. From birth, the brothers were immersed among the beauty of the surrounding forests and volcanos. Daily, they heard the songs of many of the 350+ bird species who also called Los Tarrales home - as you can imagine, their love for nature, and specifically birds, started as children. Josué, Aaron, and Lester have spent nearly two decades turning their childhood passion into their profession with Guatemala Birding Adventures. What started as a dream to have a family business, sharing their passion with visitors from around the world, has become a successful reality. Guatemala Birding Adventures has grown from exclusively sharing the brothers’ hometown of Los Tarrales nature reserve to now offering customized tours across so much more of their picturesque country and its diverse landscapes. With excellent bilingual communication, the De León brothers will work with you to organize an amazing itinerary filled with unforgettable adventure. Bird watchers, nature enthusiasts, and tourists wanting to experience the beauty of Guatemala, will want to choose Guatemalan Birding Adventures for an affordable, exciting, and unique experience.